System Design & Manufacturing

We design for your needs.

Cactus Trenching & Energy Services Inc. works with you to ensure you are provided with the best and most effective solution to your mercaptan needs. We provide the engineering, design, installation, and innovative technology for leak detection.

We also offer manufacturing of storage tanks from 1-litre to 120,000-litres and stand-alone buildings with secondary containment.


Mobile Flare Stacks

We offer a line of mobile flare stacks, along with delivery, set up, and monitoring services.

Odorant Services & Delivery

We Perform Safe & Efficient Closed Loop Mercaptan Delivery.

Cactus is a recognized dealer of mercaptan used by natural gas utility companies, well sites, propane loading facilities, transmission, and distribution systems. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art, closed-loop mercaptan delivery system, which adds the odorant without the smell associated with depressurization of the odorizer.

Bulk Delivery

Control your monthly costs and inventory needs with our bulk delivery services.

Tank Manufacturing

Manufacturing, installation, and piping for tanks up to 120,000 litres.

Temporary Odorization

Providing tanks and equipment for all your temporary odorization needs.

System Maintenance

Flexible maintenance and repair contracts available for your odorant systems.

Line Pickling

Protecting against odor fade by conditioning new pipes before putting them into service.

Leak Detection

Locate pipeline and station leaks utilizing vapour and liquid injection or flame ionization.

Odorizer Rental & Leasing

Short-term and long-term odorant tank rental, or lease-to-purchase options available.

Mercaptan System Audits

On-site assessment, evaluation, and report on your existing odorant facilities to ensure they meet today's standards.

Your Mercaptan Specialists

Over 20-years of industry experience providing highly specialized equipment for odorant handling and supply.

Commercial & Industrial Construction

We Specialize in Underground Utilities, Final Grading & gravel Hauling

We offer a wide-range of site preparation services for commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects.

Construction Site Prep

Whether it be clearing brush and rocks, controlling erosion and sediment, site demolition and rebuilding, Cactus has you covered.


Our team can assist with the excavation and installation of above ground and underground utilities, including water, sewer, natural gas, and electric for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Final Grading

Cactus offers experienced equipment operators to assist with your land grading requirements.

Gravel, Black Dirt, & Clay

Cactus can supply your jobsite with gravel, clay, and black dirt.